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Hi there and thank you for visiting Travellingmunk. I am Annette a former travel guide, traveller, blogger and explorer. I´d like to share my adventures with you, but first let me tell you a little about me:

about me

Travellingmunk – thats me.. Travelling. Munk playing on my last name Munkejord. I am a 40 something girl with a big passion and serious case of wanderlust. A wanna-be world traveller, wanna-be photographer and a wanna-be travel journalist. I took the big step of becoming a blogger back in june 2013. I am aiming to make a living through my blog and step by step make myself a bigger and better travel blogger. I have travelled on and off ever since I was 19 and there is still so much to see, experience and learn. Thankfully I have a very forgiving boyfriend whom also likes to travel the world. Together we travel and eat our way through different countries and destinations.

Even though I work full time, and then some. I want to showcase people that you don´t have to quite your job doing what you love – travel. With a good 52 weeks in a year leaving you with many opportunities to make a quick getaway. And that is just where my focus is. Get the most out of those holidays and don´t forget those weekends. Bring your boyfriend, spouse or even your girls. Pack you bag and go have fun. Search for the hidden gems, don´t be afraid to get lost – just explore!

My mission is to inspire others to live and explore your dream, through weekend getaways, storytelling, travelling tips and photography. In ever search of la dolce vita.

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You can contact me through mail: annette@travellingmunk.com


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