Unbelievable enough we have already past first Advent and are rushing fast forward into Christmas and the holidays. And that mean that it is time to visit Christmas markets. And I am lucky to be visiting a couple of new ones this year.

Croatia have a lot more to offer than the coastline, summer, Dubrovnik, Split or just Game of Thrones. Move north and Croatia can offer you Last years very best European Christmas market in Zagreb.

Last weekend I got invited to attend the opening of Zagrebs many Christmas marked. A whooping 12 of them spread in the center of town. At last I too get to experience Croatia. Together with Ann-Mari and Christian we walked from stall to stall cross the city and got to take home som of the Christmas spirit.

The christmas markets open all the first weekend of Advent and continue on into the first week of January. Although the very center of Zagreb is not to big (20 minutes across) you still will expect a lot of walking when visiting the different markets. They are spread around all over and what is good about that are the fact that you can find something for everyones taste.

Zagreb Advent

Silently lighting a candle for the loved ones that are no longer here.. Zagreb Cathedral

We kick it off with the lighting of the first Candle by the Cathedral. This calls for the traditional Christmas celebrations and why we actually celebrates it.

Ledeni Ice park

As we head down to the Ice rink we walk in darkness. The lights will come on as the show starts. We head up in the press area with good sight over the area and the Ice rank. There must be thousands of people waiting to see the magic happen. The music starts up and people crowds even closer (remember to come here early for the best places and views) and in rolls the Christmas three and my favourite Christmas fairytale The nutcracker!

Now it totally makes sense why so many people crowd together. This is true Christmas spirit. Throw in some glüewein too, and I feel in peace.

Advent Zagreb

Advent Zagreb


Zrinjevac Park

This park is one of Zagreb´s most popular one. This time all dressed up for christmas. I keep coming  back to this market. The white stalls and the live music helps set the tone for both the day and evening. Zagreb seems to be all about white Christmas. Even though at this time of year we don´t have any snow, you still get the sense of a white Christmas.

Advent Zagreb

Looking for the big Snowball with the logo of #AdventZagreb. Located on the outside of the park.

Advent Zagreb

Live music twice every day


The white Christmas stalls all dressed up with goodies inside.

Advent Zagreb

These cute doors are all over the park. And a cute way to take a selfie or maybe even this years Christmas card


Food of just decorations. There is so many choices. Luckily I was able to sustain myself from shopping anything. The good thin about traveling light.. No more room

Advent on European square

This one is a little bit different and speaks to all the younger people. Who are looking for a bit of a good time during Christmas. During our daytime city walk with the city guide He reminded us that in Zagreb it is very important to see and bee seen. This is why Zagreb have so many outdoor dining/drinking choices. And they use them all year round!

This market has a urban party scene. And I like this part very much. Close by in one of the side streets there are also the choices of food truck dishing up there holiday specials. Want to have a go at the Christmas Burger at Submarine?


European market. Where you come to party, mingle and dance




It has been a fun filled two days and I would love to discover even more of this vibrant and cozy city. I highly recommend taking the time to visit Zagreb´s many Christmas markeds. I would possible wait to the mid December to get the full experience. There will be the day where they light the Chinese lanterns and you do need the visit the tunnels of the 3D ice sculptures and installation which opens on the 15th. I was so sorry to miss that. But then there is always the possibility to come back and discover more next year!

Happy Christmas 🎄 got a favourite Christmas market you have visited and love? let me know with a comment ♥


The post #AdventZagreb are in collaboration with the Croatian tourism border. As usual text, opinions and Photos are mine. #croatiafullofmagic