One of the best things about hanging out with you girls, either at home or on a girls getaway is of course the food and the drinks, eating out is always fun with good company.

And before leaving to Krakow I asked if anybody could give me some suggestions on where to go for drinks and food. I got many recommendations, to many for a short stay as you always find your own. Here are my favorite places to eat and drink.


Hit it off to Charlotte. I searched this place up online (thank you Instagram!) and loved the pictures from this place and decided I really had to make it there for the breakfast. We first visited an afternoon for a coffee, and found a smal table in the way back, got a little disappointed, paid and left. It was busy and my friend was not happy about the service at all. I had to talk her into coming back with me.. it was something about the atmosphere….


a simple but oh so good breakfast. I love the smell and tast of freshly baked bread. mmm mouth watering


the small space has a huge table in the middle of the room inviting everyone to join together… most of the time is was pretty full


the Krakow´s Charlotte is way bigger than it seams at first glance. upstairs there is a couple of tables and downstairs a huge hall full of people, obviously a very popular place to come.


Give me my latte in the morning please… need some to wake up!

Fast forward to early morning (well, 10 AM) and we managed to get a table at the entrance. Turns out they have a huge hall in the basement as well.. although from the outside you really can’t tell. This time the counter was full of fresh newly baked goods and the smell gave waters to my mouth. They had a few options for breakfast but I chose the simple basket of mixed bread with a cappuccino. Yummy… We stayed for a couple of hours and I loved every minute of it. Something about those slow mornings.

Dinner with drinks:

Got so many suggestions on where to eat and Krakow has so many good options for you. Did you know that Poland has 45 restaurants in the red Michelin guide (from 2015) and Krakow holds 21 of them. If you ever want to eat in a michelin recommended restaurant without paying your shirt – Krakow is the place to visit!

Krakow eating

Szara, a micheling guide reastaurant on Rynek Główny 6, main square in Krakow

Krakow eating

a good selection of bread upon waiting our appetisers.

Krakow Eating

Mouth watering and oh so tender

Krakow eating

Plenty on the plate, that is no understatement.

We experienced the lovely Szara on the main market square. Greeted with a smile and a “for you, always”. We had no reservations but that was no problem. We enjoyed our stay here and eat first class food. Good portions and great wine. Still no more than ruffly 300 Zloty. For a Norwegian that is close to cheap.

Krakow´s best coctails? I recommend going to Scandale Royal . My very favorite place to both eat and drink! come on Saturday and the place is packed. We did not though but went on sunday and then back on monday and the atmosphere is lovely calm. ooooh and the drinks!! O.H M.Y G.O.D. I truly belive this must be Krakows very best cocktail bar. I will be back here. They open at 07.30 AM so you may get breakfast, lunch and dinner at this place. We had both lunch and dinner and enjoy them very much. If you feel like trying out some Polish Cuisine try the dumplings. Very good for both food or just drinks. Absolutely worth a visit.

Krakow very best cocktailbar

Could this be Krakow´s best Cocktail bar? Let me know if you beg to differ

Krakow eat

Do try the more expensive signature cocktail, they are worth every penny

Krakow Drink

The Royal Cobbler, fresh and perfectly presented. the frozen strawberries did´t hurt – as strawberries are my favourite !

The Scandale Royal, we close when you leave mentality..

The Scandale Royal, we close when you leave mentality..

And of course a massive Mojito had to be tested!

And of course a massive Mojito had to be tested!

Krakow Drink

A cocktail with refill.. A drink after my heart.. No wonder I loved it here….

Time is always at the essence and unfortunately I did not get to visit even half of what I really wanted so with that in mind I guess I have to Keep Krakow on my got to come back list