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festival gladmat

Festival frenzy, Gladmat the biggest food festival in Scandinavia

Stavanger is filled with different kinds of summer festivals but the food festival Gladmat has to be the biggest one. A festival that continues to pull a lot of people in to the city for it´s 4 days of fun. This year we made plan to join in on the…

Bjergøy summer sunset

Bjergøy, Summer getaway to the Island.

Bjergøy, just home from a summer getaway. A fortnight to get away from the hustle and bustle in daily life. Some time away to recharge the batteries. The archipelago just outside Stavanger, also called “Sjerner Islands” Sjernarøy, has that effect on me. I sleep like a baby, and the quiet…


Portovenere, shhh…. it´s a secret!

Portovenere. Could this be Italy´s best kept secret town? I found this little gem to be just as beautiful as any of the Cinque Terre towns. Just as colorful but without the masses of tourist.   It was a windy day in Cinque Terre. In the heat of Monterosso we…


summer holiday

Summer holiday. It is fast approaching, that time of year again. That time when you load up your kids, spouse, and other family members and get going on that long awaited holiday.   The time of year when you finally are going to kick back and relax. That time of…

make sure you take home some of Stary Browar´s beer.

Stay: Stary Browar Koscierzyna

When being promised the exotic beer bath, that alone spiked my curiosity. We went into the region Kashubia and to our stay at the local Brewery. Stary Browar Koscierzyna. The old Brewery Hotel is situated close to the city square in a renovated old local brewery. The towns oldest monument….

Gdansk citywalking

Gdansk, The Girls getaway that Trump all the others.

Before coming to Gdansk I had heard so many good things. No need to say that my expectations for this Polish gem was rather high. Still Gdansk managed to trump all other Girls getaway I have had lately and rise right up on my number one list for a girl´s…


Stay: Hanza Hotel, Gdansk

Hanza Hotel in the heart of the historical old town overlooking the river Motlawa. A 4 star boutique hotel with supreme location just footsteps away from Gdansk´s most famous landmark the medieval crane. This would be your perfect stay for a weekend getaway. Gdansk is probably Poland’s most pretty city…..

Iberotel Boltenhagen

Stay: Iberotel Boltenhagen

Welcoming us for our very first day at the Baltic sea. The Iberotel Boltenhagen is situated right at the ocean front, and the harbour of Boltenhagen. Perfect for slow days at the beach, at the spa or just for the weekend. It is late April and driving into this sea…


Pomorskie Culinary trip into Kashubia

The Polish culinary trip continues. After a slow morning in Gdansk, we head down into the woodlands and the area called Kashubia. This region of Pomorskie is more hilly and has a lot of lakes. If you belive the legend this area was created by the Giants whom with its giant…

Gdansk citywalking

Pomorskie, exploring Gdansk and Sopot

When being asked to participate in a lifestyle and culinary trip to Pomorskie you´d be foolish not to go. I recently discovered Poland along with many of my fellow Norwegians. And on my first visit in Krakow earlier this year I was so positively surprised by both the country and…